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This Day is a charitable foundation helping young people access opportunities to thrive.

ABOUT US Though some of us have access to opportunity, many do not. And when young people can’t access basics like education and employment it harms their future – and society as a whole.

We’re committed to building a fairer future for new generations. A future in which all young people can access the resources and opportunities they need to live, grow, and thrive.

To do this, we invest in leaders and organisations working towards systemic change, to spread opportunity to all young people. Because a fairer future starts with This Day.


Afrika Tikkun (South Africa)  Nelson Mandela, after visiting an Afrika Tikkun project in 1999, said he had “seen a miracle”, and offered to become Patron-in-Chief. Still today, the organisation upholds youth development as the hallmark of change. For example, its unique 20-year-old Cradle to Career model engages over 30,000 children and youth annually with a holistic developmental program through preschool education to adult empowerment resulting in career pathways. In the words of Mandela himself, Afrika Tikkun can "reach sections of our disadvantaged population at grassroots level. It therefore provides both physical help, as well as giving hope and dignity to the recipients."


Bloomsbury Football Foundation (UK) Football has the power to address the many challenges faced by young people, worsened due to the pandemic and cost of living crisis. Since 2018, Bloomsbury Football Foundation has used this power to improve young people’s mental and physical wellbeing, foster community cohesion, and develop their life skills giving them the best chance of success. The charity currently supports over 4,000 young people per week through a range of programmes on 40 pitches and in 30 schools across London, with plans to scale up activities over the next few years.

Our Second Home (UK)Our Second Home is a youth movement for refugees and asylum seekers, supporting them to flourish into adulthood in a place they call home. On OSH residential trips they come together, to cook, play, dance, and have fun. Participants then take part in a nationally certified leadership training programme, and go on to lead the movement themselves. OSH is building the next generation of leaders from refugee backgrounds to become role models in its movement and in local communities. OSH now runs nine residentials per year, with hubs in London, Essex, Newcastle, and Bristol. Weekly classes are also provided to ensure participants have the tools necessary to fulfil their leadership potential in society.

HARAMBEE YOUTH EMPLOYMENT ACCELERATOR (SOUTH AFRICA)Solving youth employment through partnerships, Harambee is a not-for-profit social enterprise with over a decade of experience. It works with committed partners including government, private sector, civil society, and millions of youth to realise its vision of a growing economy and society that works, powered by the potential of young people. Harambee makes jobs more accessible to youth using innovative tech. Data gathered from over 3.5 million young people gives insights necessary to reduce the barriers excluding youth from the labour market. Designing and testing solutions to solve youth unemployment leads to job creation in key growth sectors, benefiting society as a whole.

OUR FOUNDERThis Day Foundation is funded by Gary Lubner. 

Gary has always been driven by his family's commitment to social causes. In his formative years in South Africa he was an anti-Apartheid campaigner, and since the early 1990s his London-based career has had philanthropy at its core. He led Belron, owner of Autoglass, Safelite, Carglass, and other brands, to global success – employing over 30,000 people in 40 countries – and he made “giving back” a cornerstone value across the organisation, supporting inspirational charities such as Afrika Tikkun. He founded This Day, encouraged by his children, to create a fairer future for new generations, today and tomorrow.

OUR TEAMEldon Beinartbrings over 20 years experience of investing and working with family capital across regions and through a wide spectrum of industries and financial instruments. Previously, he co-founded a wealth-management business. Eldon leads This Day Capital which includes making investments to fuel change-making businesses worldwide.

Dan Berelowitzhas dedicated his career to maximising the impact of change-making organisations and initiatives worldwide. He founded Spring Impact, an innovative non-profit strategy consulting firm helping social initiatives replicate, scale up, and sustain efforts for a better future. Dan leads This Day Foundation and advises on impact investments.

James Macready has worked in the private wealth industry for over 15 years. He was formerly a partner at a leading global multi-family firm where he advised international families and wealth creators. He has worked structuring and running investments across regions and regulatory regimes. James now runs This Day’s family office.

Katie Causer studied French at university, before living and working in France for several years. After returning to the UK, she occupied a variety of senior support roles in industries as diverse as pottery, interior design, and private equity. She joined Belron as Gary’s Executive Assistant in 2008 and continues to provide support to him in his philanthropic work and the family office.


This Day Foundation works across the UK and South Africa. We find great organisations through landscape reviews and research, so we do not accept unsolicited grant proposals. 

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