Under the Same Sky

A series of posters created by young people from charities within the This Day Ecosystem that bring to life their experiences of education and youth employment.

For this installation we collaborated with artist Lauren Harewood and created a worksheet with artistic prompts for the participants to engage with, such as ‘How do you feel when you learn something new? What would your dream school look like? What is your proudest moment at school? How do you feel when you learn something new? How did you feel when you got your first job?’.

They each chose a prompt that resonated most with them and created a piece of artwork in response utilising any medium they liked from paint, to collage to writing. These pieces were then collated from across the world and brought together as a series by Lauren. Lauren is an Art and Design Director with over 10 years of experience, working in the world of Music, Fashion and Contemporary Arts.

Some of her clients include Apple Music, Dazed, Nike, Somerset House, Spotify and the V&A. Her practise revolves around working with industry outsiders and disruptors helping to bring empowerment towards marginalised communities.

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